Three & Out Offense: Week 3 Bowling Green

The Hoosiers look to rebound against Bowling Green behind their offense.

The Hoosiers look to rebound against Bowling Green behind their offense.

Written By Sammy Jacobs (@sammyj108) 

Finally it is Friday and game day is almost here.  This week the Hoosiers take on the Bowling Green Falcons at noon at The Rock.  Yes, it is an early game, but it is a big one for the Hoosiers as they need get the season back on the winning track after falling to Navy last week.  Aside from the Hoosiers breaking out the new chrome helmets tomorrow we are going to give Hoosier Nation three things to look for offensively from Indiana.

1. Starting Quarterback- Yes, this is a question every week.  Even though Nate Sudfeld has played very well through the first two games, Coach Kevin Wilson has not officially named a starter for the game on Saturday.  I expect Sudfeld to get the start, as the Hoosiers cannot afford to fall behind again due to a slow start, but that may not stop Wilson from starting Roberson again.  So as we head off to our Saturday morning activities, Hoosier Nation should keep an eye on Twitter for Kevin Wilson’s announcement. 

2. Offensive Penalties- While the Hoosiers only committed three offensive penalties, four if you want to count a hold that was declined, it is vital that the offense put themselves in the best position possible to succeed.  Two of those penalties came at the start of drives that made the Hoosiers drive an extra ten yards for a touchdown.  Bowling Green’s defense is better than Navy’s and starting field position will be crucial if the Hoosier want to cash in against the Falcons.

3. Offensive Balance- The Hoosiers did a tremendous job in Week 1 versus Indiana State at keeping their offense balanced as Indiana both passed and rushed for over 300 yards.  In Week 2, however the Hoosiers got away from the run game early due to a combination of a lack of success and falling behind 17=0 in the first half.  The Hoosiers cannot rely on the pass the entire game and must impose their will with the run.  That does not mean Indiana should just come out and hand the ball to Houston and Coleman every down, because running is not the strength of this team.  The Hoosiers must pass to set up the run.

Bowling Green is not going to be scared of this Hoosiers’ offense when both teams take the field Saturday afternoon and Indiana will have their work cut out for them.  However, this offense cannot beat themselves and win this game.  With the noon kick the Hoosiers will have to feed off the energy that is created by the excitement of breaking out the new chrome helmets and put points on the board early and take the fight out of the Falcons early.