Talented Roommates: Nick Westbrook and Luke Timian Lead the Way at WR


Written by Rylie Kyhn

Indiana’s veteran wide receivers Nick Westbrook and Luke Timian are two of the most respected leaders on the team and have been crucial pieces of the offense over the last three seasons. Many get to see the football side of them, but what people don’t know is that they also happen to be best friends and roommates, which makes for competitive but fun days. Whether they are competing on the football field or playing video games, they are always keeping the other one in line.

“There is always a lot of talking going on, bickering definitely, especially when we are playing video games and stuff like that but it’s just great to have him as a roommate because he kind of helps motivate me everyday,” said Westbrook.

They first met four years ago through former Indiana wide receiver Mitchell Paige and it didn’t take long for the three of them to become close. They quickly bonded both on and off the football field. This is the first year that they have gotten to be roommates after two years of it not working out.

“We have been friends for awhile and we always wanted to live with each other our senior year and it finally worked out,” said Timian.

Both Westbrook and Timian have play a vital role on the team and are at the core of the receiver group. This season they have combined for 58 of Indiana’s 248 receptions for 619 receiving yards. Westbrook leads the group in receiving yards this season with 340 and two touchdowns. They are both talented receivers and consistent playmakers for the Indiana offense. Because they are both teammates and best friends, their relationship on the field is much different than it is off the field.

“It’s definitely more serious on the field. We know what our roles are on the field and what we have to do,” said Westbrook.

The two have both discussed this season the depth and talent they have at that wide receiver position and how supportive they all are of each other. It is a group effort to try and help the offense succeed when at times, it has been hard.

“Someone might have a big game, someone might not but we are all cheering each other on because we all want to see that we are doing well and being successful and trying to lead this offense in the right direction,” said Westbrook.

A huge aspect of this team is the talent they have at receiver. They all have the ability to make plays and get the offense going when put in the right situation.

“I’m just really proud of our depth in that receiver room. In the past I think it’s just been a couple of guys but we go pretty deep and having a lot of weapons allows us to open up the offense and rely on different guys in different situations,” said Timian.

There have been plenty of ups and downs this season but the mindset of the team to fight and work hard everyday hasn’t changed. It is Timian’s final season and you can bet the two leaders are going to do everything they can to try to get two more wins and lead this team to a Bowl game to end his career as a Hoosier on a positive note.