Spring Practice Report: April 5th

Written By Sammy Jacobs (@Hoosier_Huddle)

The Hoosiers were back on the practice field after their Saturday scrimmage on a chilly Tuesday morning. Indiana now has 10 spring practices in the books and head coach Kevin Wilson says there is still plenty of work to be done. Here are some notes we took away from today at Memorial Stadium.

  • Austin King has re-entered the quarterback race after Wilson and Johns narrowed it down to two last week. "The last couple days, Austin King has looked nice and really did in the scrimmage too. He and Richard Lagow, in between plays, don’t know what they are doing. So when you say ‘hike’ and the ball is in their hand, running around, they make some plays. Danny (Cameron) is so much better in between plays" Wilson said of the quarterback battle.
  • Wilson said, "Those guys have a lot on their plate, but been encouraged both, again those two guy’s skill set is very encouraging. Danny, still, has been pretty consistent. We tried to rotate them all through today to be even. They all got reps. They all handled it (well). They all have a lot of work to do. If they keep doing what we’re doing we’ll be fine. I don’t know if anyone is good enough yet, but I like all three of them. I thought Austin was a little lackluster (last week) and didn’t challenge him. We just didn’t give him a lot of work one day and since then, he’s had a little bit better sense of urgency, so it’s just getting those guys up to speed.” 
  • The Hoosiers backfield suffered a potential major blow as Wilson announced that, running back "Camion Patrick has hurt a knee and he is out right now, we don’t know how long that will be.” The depth that they have built with recruiting could be put to the test. 
  • Wilson on Saturday's scrimmage: "It was good. The defense started very, very well. I would’ve told you, if I was judging, the defense won. Coach Allen didn’t think they created the turnovers they needed, gave up a few plays at the end and didn’t finish (well). So he wanted to not name the defense, we try to have who wins per day. Sometimes it’s a subjective feeling and you’re trying to be fair and you’re not trying to go back and forth and give an award to everybody so it is 50-50. I would’ve told you I was very pleased with the defense, offense did finish well. It was a windy day, tough day and we are still trying to force the quarterbacks throwing. We didn’t just say ‘ok, we are going into the wind'. We threw it a lot, it was kind of tough sledding, but I thought it was good, it was good both ways. I thought today there was some good both ways. A lot to clean up. We are putting a lot of situations. I really like the way the team has practiced. There is a lot of confidence in it, as coaches we get from how the guys are working. Spring ball, there is still a lot of work to do, but I think there are a lot of good things we can keep building on.” 
  • The offensive line looks as if it has plenty of serviceable depth with DaVondre Love, Delroy Baker, Hunter Littlejohn, Simon Stepaniak, and Tim Gardner all getting plenty of reps today, along with Brandon Knight who seems to be entrenched as the starter at left tackle even though Wilson would like to for "someone to beat him out because that means that Timmy (Gardner), DaVondre Love, and Delroy Baker are coming along."
  • Indiana holds their annual Spring Game on April 15th at 7pm that will be followed by the Little 500 Concert featuring Flosstradomus.