Injury Update: Dominique Booth Out, Chase Dutra "Close"

Written By Sammy Jacobs (@Hoosier_Huddle)

Indiana does not give an official injury report, but head coach Kevin Wilson touched upon two players who have not seen the field for the Hoosiers yet in 2015, safety Chase Dutra and wide out Dominique Booth.

Wilson touched on Booth first saying he's "injured. Hasn't been able to practice. He's been out. He was doing a little bit more Sunday night, but again, he's missed here about four weeks plus, so it might be awhile to get him back." Wilson added that the injury is "not major but has not been able to practice either. When I say major, hasn't had surgery, just hasn't been able to go."

When talking about sophomore safety Chase Dutra Wilson was even more vague saying:

 I think he's getting close, and again, we're playing without him and playing well. The young guys are doing well and very talented. He was doing a little running. I think he's played enough and smart enough -- kind of like Fant. Last week Fant didn't practice and we thought in the right role, we could use him. He was cleared to play. My comment was, I wouldn't start him. He's not practiced. If you really need him, go to him and in time we went to Fant, it will be interesting to see where Chase is, how much work he can do and if he's cleared, he can play enough, probably can play if needed and we'll trust Coach Knorr and Coach Joseph to decide how to use that and see if we can get going. We thought he had a chance going into this week but we don't know yet. Not to say it's a game-time decision but see if he's available. We thought he could be. We don't know yet.