Darius Latham Talks About 2014 with Hoosier Huddle

Written By Sammy Jacobs (@Hoosier_Huddle)

On Tuesday Hoosier Huddle talked with Hoosier sophomore defensive end Darius Latham. Below is the transcript of the audio recording.

HH: Just wanted to ask how camp is going so far. What are the adjustments to the new defense?

DL: Camp is going pretty good right now. The defense, we just transferred from the 4-3 to the 3-4. I mean, more of a lateral movement for the defensive lineman, so we are just trying to work on getting our steps in as a d-lineman and get penetration.

HH: How is the energy on the defense, are people more excited? Sounds like you are very loud at practice?

DL: Yeah, its really just getting more comfortable and making more plays. When you do that enthusiasm is going to come.

HH: What are your expectations for the season, both for yourself and the defense as a unit?

DL: Trying to make stops and make big plays and trying to be in the backfield every play.

HH: What is the difference between playing as a true freshman and now going into your second year? Are you more comfortable? I know it’s now your second defensive coordinator in two years. Is it now more about making plays instead of learning technique?

DL: Technique, you can never go too far learning technique, but really the game got (slower) and kind of more comfortable. It is now more about making plays.

HH: We’ll get you out on the question. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a big thing now on social media. If you had to choose one player and one coach who would you choose?

DL: I guess I would choose, ooo, Antonio Allen and Coach Mac.

HH: Thank you very much