Wilson Wants Quarterbacks to 'Just Do the Best You Can'

 Richard Lagow (21) and Zander Diamon (12) are battling for the starting quarterback position  Image: Sammy Jacobs HoosierHuddle.com

Richard Lagow (21) and Zander Diamon (12) are battling for the starting quarterback position Image: Sammy Jacobs HoosierHuddle.com

Written By Sammy Jacobs (@Hoosier_Huddle)

When it comes to the Indiana Hoosier quarterback competition Kevin Wilson does not want to repeat mistakes from the past. A quarterback back battle between three players that may have cost his 2013 team, and probably the 2014 team as well, a bowl berth when he gave a fair and equal shot to Cam Coffman, Nate Sudfeld, and Tre Roberson. 

At today's media session prior to practice Wilson said, "We're not going to be equal, not trying to be fair. Few years ago I tried to be equal and fair, and all I did was make everybody mad, and they got equal reps and equal throws and equal opportunity and everybody was getting mad. We were trying to be so fair to everyone that, egos got involved."

Wilson wants each quarterback to be the best version of themselves as he shared a memory from his time with Sam Bradford at Oklahoma.

"The comment I just shared to them is the only person they need to worry about is themselves. Years ago is one of the most profound statements I ever heard a player say, a college player say. I don't think I've shared this. I might have.
But we were playing in a National Championship Game and we had a quarterback that's really good that won the Heisman Trophy, and the team we were playing against had a quarterback that won the Heisman Trophy. And our quarterback was asked, Sam, how do you compare yourself to Tim Tebow? Now I knew what I would say because they're both great players but they have different skill sets. And his answer was, "I don't compare myself to anyone. I was raised to to be the best I can be.
And that's what we're trying to get our quarterbacks to do. Just do the best you can. Worry about you." 

Nothing was won on Wednesday afternoon under a blazing sun on the practice fields in Bloomington, but we got our first looks at both Zander Diamont and Richard Lagow throwing since April. Both quarterbacks split reps and had to shake off the rust a little bit. However, both showed good command of the offense and made impressive throws.

Wilson is preaching patience with the quarterback decision saying, "It's going to play out. But the great thing is those guys do not need to truly be the team leader right now because you've got four fifth-year seniors, two fifth-year running backs. Quality receiver in Simmie (Cobbs), quality running back in Devine (Redding). Danny Friend, a fourth-year tight end. You've got veterans at every position that the team can be led and the quarterbacks can just worry about themselves and quarterback right now."

As far as the other three quarterbacks go, Danny Cameron and Austin King have taken steps forward in their development and freshman Peyton Ramsey provided glimpses of the talent he brings to the table.