What Needs to Happen For ESPN'S College GameDay to Come To Bloomington?

Written By Sammy Jacobs (@Hoosier_Huddle)

There has been a lot of chatter about ESPN's College GameDay, the popular traveling pre-game show, potentially coming to Bloomington for the Hoosiers potential monster matchup with the top-rated Buckeyes of Ohio State. Local talk radio hosts, such as Dan Dakich, have started Twitter campaigns to get (former IU head coach) Lee Corso and the gang to the capitol of Hoosier Nation on Oct. 3. SB Nation's Crimson Quarry wrote about why GameDay should be in Bloomington, and the reasons are abundant. However, what exactly needs to happen for the show to be set in B-Town? We'll tell you.


1. IU Needs to Take Care of Business at Wake Forest

This week's game is a classic trap game for the Hoosiers after beating a very good Western Kentucky team. They cannot overlook the Demon Deacons and set their sights on their Big Ten opener. In order for GameDay to have any shot at Bloomington, IU needs to be 4-0. It wouldn't hurt if the Hoosiers could win big this week, like 35-10 big. IU hasn't started a season 4-0 since 1990, but if there ever was a chance to break that streak, it's this year.

2. Notre Dame Has to Lose

I am not sure exactly when GameDay picks their next location, but there is not much competition in terms of great games on Oct. 3. The main threats are either the Alabama-Georgia game, which lost its luster after Bama lost at home to Ole Miss, and the Notre Dame-Clemson game. The Irish and Tigers are both undefeated and ranked in the top-11.

Notre Dame plays UMass at home Saturday afternoon and they have to lose if there is going to be any chance, however the odds of that happening are pretty slim.

3. IU Football Fans Must Be Vocal On Social Media

Television, like most other media, is all about ratings. And IU football hasn't really moved the needle in recent history. However, there are a ton of alumni and fans nationwide. If Hoosier Nation wants to wake early on Oct. 3 they are going to need to make their voices heard on the internet. Tweet, update you status, post on Instagram, do what ever you have to Hoosier fans, just show that you care about IU football. Prove to the suits that IU deserves this.

With that being said, it is a pipe dream to have Game Day on campus. A lot has to happen, most importantly an IU win on Saturday in Winston-Salem. Remember, you cannot put the cart before the horse, but it is fun to think about. Right now Hoosier fans should just be looking forward to being 3-0 and facing Wake Forest next week at 12:30 pm.