Wake Up Call from Wake Forest: What a Win would mean for the Hoosiers

Hoosier fans are out in force despite the gloomy weather.  Image: Brian Tonsoni, SuperFan Extraodinare. 

Hoosier fans are out in force despite the gloomy weather. Image: Brian Tonsoni, SuperFan Extraodinare. 

Co-Authored: Nick Holmes & Sammy Jacobs

Good morning from rainy Winston-Salem, the site of what looks to be an exciting match up between Indiana and Wake Forest. In addition to this precipitation, the Hoosiers are hoping to put a damper on the Demon Deacons homecoming festivities.

In fact, this is a homecoming of sorts for multiple members of the Hoosiers coaching staff (but don't tell them that). Coach Wilson was born and raised in North Carolina, while defensive coordinator Brian Knorr most recently served the same role with Wake Forest. Obviously, this game carries an extra incentive for each, not as if they needed it.

There's a lot riding on this game for the Cream and Crimson, we and every other media outlet covering the team has made that abundantly clear.   

A win would bring them one game closer to becoming bowl eligibility. A win would demonstrate that this team is capable of taking the show on the road. A win would move this team to 4-0 for the first time since 1990. A win could give this team the momentum it needs entering Big Ten Conference play. A win, and the discussion to bring ESPN's College Gameday becomes, a little more deserved.

Today is  an opportunity to show Hoosier fans that this team is making real, tangible progress. No more 'moral' victories, but actual wins that can be placed in W column. 

This isn't just a wake up call for us, but for the players and fans alike, today is a golden opportunity to do something this program hasn't done in nearly 25 years. But now it's up to Wilson and his players to capitalize on it.