Hoosier Nation's Christmas Wish List


Written By Sammy Jacobs (@sammyj108)

It’s Christmas Eve Hoosier Nation and we will get into the spirit by putting together a Christmas wish list.  If your wish is not part of this list feel free to add it in the comments section.  So gather around the fire with Hoosier Huddle and see what we want for the Hoosier football team in 2014.

1. Vast Improvement on Defense- This may be the top wish of all Hoosier fans across the country.  Things are looking up in this department as many of the young Hoosier defensive players made major impacts late in the season.  TJ Simmons, Clyde Newton, and Marcus Oliver made up a very solid freshman line-backing core.  Antonio Allen and Rashard Fant should be back from injury and beef up the secondary.  Raphael Green III and Darius Latham bolstered the defensive line, and David Kenney should play a bigger role next year.

2. A New Defensive Coordinator- This goes right along with number one, but as each day goes by without news out of Bloomington makes me think more and more that Mallory will be back for 2014.  Maybe IU is just waiting for the bowl season is over, but every day they wait just reinforces my line of thinking.

3.  Bowl Game- If one of the first two wishes is granted, this one should be easy to come true.  The Indiana program needs to take the next step next year, or they will start losing momentum.  Any bowl game will do for the starved Hoosier fan base.  The best part of making a bowl for this young program would be the extra practices that Kevin Wilson will have.  This would be a great developmental tool for the coaching staff.

These are just a few of the many wishes Hoosier Nation has.  Please leave your wish in the comments section and maybe they will become true.