Hoosier Freshman Engage in Some "Brotherly Love" During Practice

 Indiana's practice got a much needed infusion of "Chippiness" on Tuesday  Image: @HoosierFootball

Indiana's practice got a much needed infusion of "Chippiness" on Tuesday Image: @HoosierFootball

Written By Sammy Jacobs (@Hoosier_Huddle)

Ever since Kevin Wilson came to Bloomington in Dec. 2010 he has been searching for the fire and fight that big time college football programs show. That ferocity reared its head on Tuesday during an Oklahoma drill when freshman tight end Austin Dorris and freshman bandit Brandon Wilson became involved in some extra curricular activities.

When asked if this was an issue head coach Kevin Wilson said, "there is a fine line where it can lead past the practice field we talk about, and you know brothers can fight. If your brother every once and a while is worth fighting, but it needs to not become personal. As a matter of fact in our first year we finally got a fight and someone said 'we don't do that'. I said 'yeah, yeah we don't'. I was kind of concerned. So, I kind of like it, but there is a balance there, because if it becomes personal or if it goes past and it gets to the locker room or it comes back the next play then it's a problem". 

Wilson settled the issue between the two freshman by having them go against each other again the next repetition. He also said that players have to be smart about fights and not swing and get hurt by punching a helmet.

As Wilson said it's "nice to have a little chippiness, a little brotherly love." 

Other notes from practice

  • Isaac James was limited to side work due to a banged up shoulder
  • Aaron Del Grosso has been limited with a groin injury