Countdown to 2019 IUFB Kickoff: 62 Days (Sean Wracher)


Written by Smmy Jacobs (@hoosier_huddle)

2019 Countdown - #62

Name – Sean Wracher

Position – Long Snapper (Freshman)

Hometown – Akron, OH (St. Ignatius High School)

Height – 6’4”

Weight – 215 pounds

Long snapper is one of the positions that goes unnoticed if that player is doing their job. The Hoosiers had a great one in Dan Godsil, but he is gone to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tom Allen and the Hoosiers recruited Sean Wracher to fill in that spot.

Wracher should be one of the true freshmen who plays a vital role in the Hoosiers success. Wracher was a five-star long snapping prospect and he needs to have a seamless transition behind Godsil.

When Hoosier Huddle talked to Indiana head coach Tom Allen he had this to say about Sean Wracher.

He is “a guy built just like (Godsil) and very, very talented long snapper. He was so dependable, you totally took it for granted and I don’t think I remember one snap since I have been here. There is no question you’re going to miss that consistency, but good Lord willing that Sean Wracher is going to pick up right where he left off. That’s the expectation, I put that out there. We have another guy out there competing for it, but ‘Sean that’s why we brought you here”