Notes and Quotes From Monday's Press Conference (FIU Week)

 Tom Allen met with the media on Monday afternoon to talk about the Hoosiers win at Virginia and upcoming game against FIU.  Image: Sarah Miller

Tom Allen met with the media on Monday afternoon to talk about the Hoosiers win at Virginia and upcoming game against FIU. Image: Sarah Miller

Written By David Sugarman (@David_Sugarman2)


Players of the Week vs. Virginia

Offensive player of the week: Wes Martin

Defensive player of the week: Chris Covington

Special Teams: Griffin Oakes

Offensive Scout Team Players of the Week: Nick Tronti and Alex Rodriguez

Defensive Scout Team Players of the Week: Josh Brown and Johnny Albomonte

J-Shun Harris earned Big Ten Specialist of the Week


IU will know more Brandon Knight’s status for this week’s game tomorrow

Tyler Natee has yet to be seen this season and is working through an injury he suffered during Fall camp, the team is still working on getting him in shape and healthy



Allen has since looked at the Greg Gooch targeting call which got him ejected and understands where the officials were coming from.

“When I watched it after the game on film, from a different angle, I can see why they called it. I do.

It's unfortunate. I mean, it's one of those situations where with the way the rules are written now, the way it's structured for player safety, that kind of hit, when it goes up through and the crown of your helmet hits the chin of the quarterback, they're going to call that.”

Allen had high praise for punter Haydon Whitehead, the Australian punter who’s played well in just his first two American football games ever.

“He’s one of the hardest working specialists I've ever been around. As a matter of fact, we have to hold him back. If he doesn't have the kind of day he wants, he'll be out here practicing at night. I have to go out there and say, You've kicked enough. He's a very, very hard working young man.”

Allen firmly stood behind Lagow as his starting quarterback after Saturday’s game, but today did talk about the advantage of having two quarterbacks with such different skill sets.

“We have two different quarterbacks that have two different skill sets that I like. I know as a defensive coach, you listen to Coach Mendenhall's comments after the game, threw him a curve ball. They were expecting one thing, got another. Had schemed accordingly.

I know when you have two individuals at a certain position, especially that position that can play at a high level, that's where we want to be.”

Allen gave credit to FIU and brought up and reminded his team that over the last two years both games have been ultra competitive.

“But the thing I already reminded our players of very quickly was the fact that for the last two seasons in a row, they have had the lead to start the fourth quarter in both games.

They're a football team that has talent. They're a football team that has toughness. A lot of pride in what they do. Coach Davis is the new head coach there. Has a tremendous amount of experience at all levels. A lot of great success at the collegiate and NFL level. Know him, respect him for what he's done on the field.”

Allen was asked about the possibility of the game getting cancelled and simply said they’re preparing like there is a game on Saturday.

“I don't know what's going to happen this weekend. I don't think anybody knows right now. The intent is we're playing the game. I don't think they even know the damage. Last night just from my personal experience with our friends down there, we were on the phone with them up until 1 in the morning checking on them. They've kind of been hunkered down. Got some messages this morning from our close friends down in that area to say that they're okay, which is great. A lot of damage.

I don't think anybody knows really what's going on at this point. The plan is to play the game.”


DeBord was impressed with how redshirt freshman Peyton Ramsey handled his first career game action.

“I thought the game was slow for Peyton. Thought he handled things well.”

DeBord was asked about how to handle the QB situation and said it really depends on each individual game.

“You just see how the game is going and what’s there. I’ve always believed every game has a different story.”