The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Indiana 31 Missouri 27

Tegray Scales with one of 11 Hoosier TFL's on the day that helped Indiana upset Missouri

Tegray Scales with one of 11 Hoosier TFL's on the day that helped Indiana upset Missouri

Written By Sammy Jacobs (@Hoosier_Huddle)

Saturday was a great win for the Indiana football program. A building block that the fan base can stand on for at least a week, but the Hoosier must continue to build off of this win. In this edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, trust me it will be mostly good, we will touch upon the things the Hoosiers did really well and what needs to be fixed going forward.

The Good- We can start anywhere on this, so let’s start with the big guys on both of the lines. The Hoosier offensive line was terrific on Saturday as they handled the pressure of a very talented Missouri defensive front. The Hoosiers ran for 241 yards and Sudfeld had enough time to complete his passes. The line play was highlighted by Dan Feeney’s block on Tevin Coleman’s 44-yard catch and run on a screen pass that set up the winning score. On the other side of the ball the Hoosier defensive front deserves as much credit for the win as anyone. The energy that coaches says went missing in the second half of the loss at Bowling Green was back and the defense recorded 11 tackles for loss. Even though Maty Mauk made some outstanding plays and throws he was never comfortable in the pocket. Moving back to the offense, the Hoosier running backs came up huge, especially when Tevin Coleman exited early in the first half. True freshman Devine Redding and senior D’Angelo Roberts combined for 114 yards and really pounded the Missouri front while Coleman was recovering from heat cramps. Roberts capped off his day with an Anthony Thompsonesque dive into the end zone for the game winning score with 22 seconds left. One thing that may slip under the radar with the win is the fact that Indiana did not turn the ball over. Missouri came in having forced their opponent to cough the ball up at least once for the last 47 games in a row. The Hoosiers ended that streak as Nate Sudfeld and the rest of the Indiana ball handlers protected the rock as best as they could.

The Bad- I am nit picking here, but the Hoosiers kicking game with Aaron Del Grosso has become a legitimate concern. Del Grosso finally hit a field goal, but missed a 40 yarder and was replaced by Griffin Oakes late in the game. Oakes looked pretty good on kickoffs hitting three touchbacks in four tries and converting both of his extra points. Oakes did not have a chance to attempt a field goal. The Hoosiers need a reliable kicker to pick up points in the red zone the rest of the season.

The Ugly- One stat stood out as ugly. The Hoosiers were 1-14 on third down. I thought it had to be a typo, because usually when a team goes 1-14 on third downs they usually lose. Hopefully this is an aberration and not a trend for the Hoosiers.