Spring Practice No. 12 Observations and Quotes

Tom Allen speaks to an official prior to Indiana’s 12th spring practice  Image: Hoosier Huddle

Tom Allen speaks to an official prior to Indiana’s 12th spring practice Image: Hoosier Huddle

Written by Nathan Comp

The Hoosiers were back at it, outside this time in Memorial Stadium, for practice number 12 of the spring. It was perfect weather for the Hoosiers to get ready for the annual spring game, which is under a week away.

General Observations

·      With the spring game coming this Friday (April 12th 7:00pm EST), the focus of the practice, fittingly, was “gameday mindset.”

·      It took 12 practices, but the weather was nice enough to have practice outside in Memorial Stadium.

·      Coach Allen noticed a bit of a slow start to practice during the scouting period but the intensity really picked up when scrimmages began.

·      An emphasis was placed on both sides of the ball for red zone efficiency. For the defense, getting off the field and forcing field goals. For the offense, scoring touchdowns.

·      Though it has mainly been a spring dominated by the defense, the offense walked away victorious today. This was highlighted by a four-play drill led by QB Michael Penix in which he threw for a touchdown three of the four plays.

Coach Allen Quotes

·      “Today, got a lot of young guys a lot of reps. Very good for us, by design. Excited about the progress we keep making.”

·      On the intensity: “When we got in the red zone, started going live, the intensity picked up. They were having some good jawing back and forth which is always fun.”

·      On Jack Tuttle: “He has a short-term sickness, he’ll 100% recover from, but he’s going to be done for the rest of spring.”

·      Regarding the spring game format: “The format may change a bit, maybe the offense vs the defense. 1s and 2s like we’ve done in the past. We’ll have to evaluate that, we’re still looking at all those options.”

·      On the quarterback situation for Friday: “We’re going to do some creative things, to get Penix out there. Adapt and press on, that’s what you’ve got to do.”

·      Mentioning his first spring not as the defensive coordinator: “I sit in on all those meetings, especially the offensive meetings, which I’ve never done in the past. It empowers me to get on the offense more too. They may wish I was back on the defense because I’m on them a lot more, but that’s good. I want to bring that intensity and toughness to the offensive side of the ball, that’s my personality, that’s what we have to be as a football team.”

·      “So much emphasis has been put on the red zone, in terms of getting stops on defense and scoring touchdowns on offense. I thought they [the offense] did a great job of that today. The offense takes time, it’s a new system. But, the offense did a much better job today, that’s what you want to see is progress.”

·      On Cam Jones standing out: “There’s no question. He’s in his linebacker phase of spring ball, playing with more confidence, he’s got a great strike. Great physical specimen. Love the versatility he gives our defense.”

·      Key for the final week: “Polish everything up.”

Matthew Bedford Quotes

·      On his adjustment to college: “It’s been pretty smooth, getting the playbook and everything. Now I feel like I’ve got a good hold on the plays and I’m just working on technique, getting acquainted with my O-line, making sure we’re moving as a unit. I feel like I’m adjusting well.”

·      “The most difficult part is getting the plays down. College is a lot faster, a whole lot more complex…It’s basically the same principles, just getting acquainted with the speed and everything.”

·      Goals for the final week heading into the spring game: “I want to be smooth. I want to be able to contribute and compete at the highest level.”

·      On hoping to see the field come fall: “I have to have confidence in me. If I don’t have confidence in myself, they can’t have confidence in me.” 

Additional Notes

·      Transfer quarterback Jack Tuttle, just cleared for immediate eligibility by the NCAA on Wednesday, has a short-term illness and will not participate for the remainder of spring, including Friday’s spring game.

·      OLB Mo Burnam who has entered the transfer portal and TE Shaun Bonner are no longer with the program.

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