Notes and Quotes From Tom Allen's Week 11 Media Monday


Written by Lauralys Shallow

Head Coach Tom Allen spoke with the media earlier today following the bye week to discuss Indiana’s matchup with Maryland.


Offensive Player of the Game: Stevie Scott

Defensive Player of the Game: Bryant Fitzgerald

Special Teams Player of the Game: Logan Justus


On giving the team time off:

“Practiced Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of last week, then gave them Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Got them back on campus yesterday. A chance to kind of some kids to go home if they could, get a physical, mental, emotional break for our guys. Thought it was very important for them to do that.”

On what the defense needs to do to stop the Maryland running attack:

“Really they force you to be extremely disciplined. Even though it's not an option offense, the way that they shift, move, adjust, motion, different things that they do, it forces you to be extremely disciplined. If you get out of position, they're very, very athletic. You make one guy miss, it's a big, big play. They really survive off big plays. Kind of the way they've had success this season. To me the key is gap integrity, just with our eyes, got to be great tacklers.”

On using the redshirt rule in the last three games of the season:

“A guy like Jonathan King, just sticks out to me. Mad Norris, another guy we want to get a chance to play on some special teams, some reps when the situations warrant themselves. Special teams-wise, Kristian Pechac is a guy we're going to continue to work in there, get some reps at those opportunities.”

On what players benefited most from the bye week: 

 “T.D. Roof is a guy we've been trying to get back. I think he really benefited. Great to see him out there today, getting back to his normal self. I think with Marcelino being out, missing a big chunk of the game, having some time to get him back, I think he's going to really benefit from that, as well. I think just all of our guys that got dinged up. A lot of times those situations are the only thing to really get them healthy is rest. That's tough to do when you're trying to get ready for another one. Those two guys jump out to me.” 

On Jacob Robinson’s health status:

“He's another one with the time to continue to rehab, work hard, get his leg to where we feel like it can be effective. Big thing with him is you want to make sure he's not going to put himself in position that would further hurt him. Our doctors feel good about that.”

 On using Reese Taylor in conjunction to complement Ramsey:

“I would say yes, with caution. That's really kind of the tough dilemma you're in. At the same time you got to go. To me, it's about understanding what's at stake, where we're at, what we need to do. I think you got to put it all out there as best you can.”