Media Q&A with Hoosiers Freshman Beau Robbins


Written by Sammy Jacobs (@Hoosier_Huddle)

Several members of the Hoosiers’ incoming freshman class had a chance to talk with the media on Wednesday. I want to thank Ken Bikoff of for sharing his videoed interviews with us. The first up is four-star freshman Beau Robbins who comes to IU from Carmel High School.

On the importance of Coach (Mark) Hagen in the recruiting process

“Coach Hagen was really important as well. It was cool because coach Hagen played football at my high school (Carmel) back in his day. So it was kind of cool there was that connection there. There was just a lot of similarities and things we were able to relate to just kind of, like I said, to create that positive relationship and I think that is really the most important part.

On whether or not he has seen the Indy Star photo of Hagen

“Yeah, I have seen it. I would see it every day. When you walk into school all those pictures are lined up on the wall and I would walk by it every single day. So that was kind of cool when I actually met him.

On his first steps this summer and getting ready for Fall Camp

“Definitely try and put some weight on. Put some muscle on and get bigger. Get in shape. Work hard in school. Try and learn the playbook and just go to work here for a couple months to get ready for this season.”

On taking up yoga

“Well, my mom made me go. A few years ago actually. She would just make me go occasionally and then I actually started to enjoy it. It kind of became part of my routine. If there was a day that I lifted heavy, I would try to get into yoga later in the day to kind of balance it out and kind of stretch it. It’s good for injury prevention and stuff like that, so it just kind of became part of my routine.

On converting his Carmel teammates to yoga

“I would get a couple to go here and there. Most of the time after the first class, they were like ‘I don’t like it’ because it was hot yoga. So it was pretty difficult. Usually the first class is the hardest because you go in there not expecting it to be difficult so it’s tough to get guys to go back multiple times, but I would always try for sure.

On getting his IU teammates to join him

“I need to find a place. I have just been, it’s only been a week and a half. I just haven’t really found time to go. I haven’t figured that part out yet, but I am sure I will here at some point.”

What do you hope that you and the 2019 recruiting class can bring to this team that was missing?

“I think everybody wants to come in here and work as hard as we can and be willing to do anything. Like be a good teammate or just whatever you can for the betterment of the team. If you have who’s willing to take on any role that’s asked of them and do anything that is necessary then I think people can just bring that kind of mindset that we can continue to elevate as an entire team.

Is there anything that has really stood out about the culture of this program or just the way things are done?

“The workouts are pretty serious. The workouts are tough. Coach Ballou and the whole strength staff really know what they are talking about and definitely getting in shape and I am getting bigger and stronger I feel like. Just go in and work as hard as you can really, kind of stuff like that, but it’s been good.