Kevin Wilson,Hoosiers Can Only Worry About Own Perception , Not the Conference's Reputation

 Kevin Wilson's only concern should being changing the nation's view on Indiana Football

Kevin Wilson's only concern should being changing the nation's view on Indiana Football

Written By Sammy Jacobs (@Hoosier_Huddle)

After a weekend that saw the Big Ten get bullied from Eugene, Oregon to Columbus, Ohio and everywhere in between, Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson is not worried about how the nation perceives the conference. When asked about if the nation is down on the Big Ten in his weekly press conference on Monday Wilson had this response:

"Yeah, I'm not into -- we've got to carry the Big Ten banner because we're a Big Ten team, but my only concern is always about us, and I want to do our part to continue to try to raise our part and value the Big Ten. I know we've got great coaches, great players, and, in a quote, it's one game, when a guy or team wins or loses. I like the fact we're getting bigger games. We'll be playing one this week, playing a championship team, then we go to Missouri, play another high-end team. I like the fact our league is playing good games. We've got to continue to do so. You need to win those games, but you've got to keep playing them.”

Wilson is not one to shy away from telling people how it is, but his main concern is winning football games for Indiana University, which happens to be a member of the Big Ten. His mentality, correctly so, is to change the perception of his school and not the 13 other members of the conference. Indiana will not be playing for a spot in the College Football Playoff this season, so the only thing conference perception affects is recruiting. If Indiana can win non-conference games against quality opponents then they can start having an effect on how people on the outside look at the conference.

Indiana has three non-conference games remaining in Bowling Green, Missouri, and North Texas. The Hoosiers cannot knock off all three in one game, so the mentality of one game at a time rings true. Wilson probably does not care if Ohio State lost to Virginia Tech or Michigan got shut out in South Bend, all he is doing is trying to improve the outlook of a program that has been sitting in the cellar for far too long.