Indiana Football Targets Participate in The Best Of the Midwest Combine in Indy

Some of the region's best prospects worked out in Indianapolis on Monday at the Best of the Midwest camp.  Image: Sammy Jacobs

Some of the region's best prospects worked out in Indianapolis on Monday at the Best of the Midwest camp. Image: Sammy Jacobs

Written By Sammy Jacobs (@Hoosier_Huddle)

While there was snow covering the ground outside, inside the Incrediplex in Indianapolis things were just heating up. Several Hoosier targets participated in the highly competitive Best of the Midwest Combine. Hoosier Huddle had a chance to catch up with some of these prospects after the event.

Bryce Bailey, OL, Castle, IN

Offensive lineman Bryce Bailey recently visited IU during the Hoosiers win over Iowa on the hardwood. Bailey said, "it was great. Great atmosphere, great people, I love it there." One of Indiana's best recruiting weapons is offensive line coach Greg Frey. Not surprisingly Frey was a big hit with Bailey. "Coach Frey, he’s a great guy and he’s a great coach and does a great job at developing talent. I also got a chance to sit in on some film with Coach Johns and that was just phenomenal hearing him talk and how brilliant he is.” 

Bailey had an impressive day on the field against stiff competition saying he "did very well", but as any great player will tell you, there is always room for improvement. Bailey said he "got beat a couple times because they beat me with an inside move and I’ve really got to work on stepping down and being stronger inside.”

Bailey told us he plans on getting up to Bloomington to see some of IU's spring practices.

Derrius Mullins, DT, Ohio

Mullins turned the heads of every coach and reporter in the building as he was "unblockable" in one-on-one drills. He talked with Matt Weaver from and myself after receiving the defensive line MVP to talk about where Indiana stands with him.

Mullins sees himself as a defensive tackle in college and "like(s) coming to these things…It’s a lot of fun. I kind of like doing this with my friends," but according to himself "need(s) to have faster hands, quick feet.”

Mullins talked about Indiana saying, "I like Indiana. I really like the coaches, they’re really nice to my mom. They really don’t sugarcoat nothing. I’ve seen all the facilities, all the facilities are nice. Had a great time at the basketball game (Minnesota)." Right now Mullins lists Indiana as his "favorite school."

Pompey Coleman, OL, IN

Coleman took home one of the two offensive line MVPs handed out Monday afternoon. He said the MVP is, "like an incentive to make you do better in everything I do. For every camp that I go in to I have to have a better mentality, a higher mentality, and believe in myself to know that I’m capable of doing big things.”

Coleman holds an IU offer and said this about the Hoosiers, “IU is a good school, and when I went down there I talked to their coaches a lot. I’m starting to build a relationship with their o-line coach, offensive coordinator, Coach Wilson. From what I’ve seen I really like it down there, like they’re on the up and coming and I know it for a fact and that’s a good thing to have in a school like them.” 

Coleman wants "to make the decision, hopefully, before the season starts, but if I need extra time then it will come shortly before the season’s over”