Hoosiers are going bowling, what are recruits saying?

Written By: Nick Holmes (@HoosierHolmes)

Saturday's win over the Boilermakers was a breakthrough victory for Kevin Wilson and his program, clinching the team's first bowl birth since the 2007 season. Gaining bowl eligibility has a profound effect on the program well beyond the next few weeks though, as this can be used as additional proof to potential recruits that the Hoosiers are indeed headed in right direction with Wilson at the helm. 

We were able to catch up with a few of the Hoosiers current commits to get their take on the team's big win and the direction of the program.

Peyton Ramsey: 2016 Quarterback Commit

"Very exciting. It's a step in the right direction for the program. I'm looking forward to using this season as a stepping stone for success in the future."

Cole Gest: 2016 Running Back Commit

"It just makes me happy to see that we are back on track and I can't wait to be apart of it. We will be on top in a couple years."

Allen Cater: 2016 Defensive End Commit

"Great win, proud of the team for finishing and becoming bowl eligible! Definitely a huge impact to the program and where it is headed!"

Jayme Thompson: 2016 JUCO Defensive Back Commit

"It's a huge step for the program. And I think with the guys we have coming in, and the returning talent we have a chance to be extremely competitive next year in the Big Ten."

Phil Benker: 2016 Wide Receiver Commit

"There's big things coming to IU. The sky's the limit now! This program is definitely headed in the right direction, there's no question about that."

Tyler Knight: 2017 Offensive Tackle Commit

"It is an amazing step forward for this program. Improving every year and beginning to gain the respect we deserve."

Tyus Flakes: 2016 Running Back Commit

"It's awesome! Becoming bowl eligible gives IU another chance to prove itself."

Plenty of more to come  in recruiting and bowl coverage coming up in the next few weeks here at HoosierHuddle.com.