For Hoosier Fans, the Waiting Games Begin


Written By Sammy Jacobs (@Hoosier_Huddle)

The Indiana Hoosier football season is over, but the waiting game is just beginning for Hoosier fans across the country. Waiting to see who head coach Kevin Wilson will convince to join the #CrimsonArmy15 and waiting to see if one man will return for a last shot at glory in college football. That man of course is running back Tevin Coleman, who set the Hoosier single season rushing record and will weigh his options about going entering the NFL Draft. People will assume what Tevin Coleman should or will do, because that is what people do in the off season, but Kevin Wilson had this to say about Coleman. “What Tevin ought to do now is go through the process of finding out his draft status. Because this is a mature decision, because the guys that don't make it in the NFL don't make it because they're immature, so (it isn’t) like the first guy out gets picked first. The deadline is Jan 13, 14. He needs to evaluate being a great college football player, and the value of why Melvin Gordon comes back, and Anthony Thompson -- the value of that. He needs to value the help, value his body. It's all speculation and negativity sometimes, and because we don't win as much as we need to, that's a fact, but reality is he's a great player.” Tevin Coleman should do what is in his best interests. If that means declare for the NFL draft and try and get his money a year early he should do that, and if he wants to stay for his senior year and try and get Indiana to a bowl game while getting a degree and setting some records on the way he should stay. Either way the decision is Coleman’s alone. Hoosier Nation will just have to wait patiently between now and the middle of January to see what his decision is.

Mean while Kevin Wilson and his staff have been scattered across the country to try and find prospects to fill the rest of the spots for the 2015 recruiting class. Wilson made several in-home visits including one to Kareem Orr, a Louisville Commit. The Hoosiers have a big weekend in store starting December 5th when two three star prospects, athlete Isaac James and defensive tackle Jamal Milan, come to Bloomington on their official visits. It would be comforting to see the Hoosiers grab a commitment from one or both of these prospects before leavening campus. Brandon Knight, who is already committed to the Hoosiers, will make his official visit on the weekend of December 12th.