Talking The Old Oaken Bucket Game With Former Hoosier DT Joe Kremer

Written By Sammy Jacobs (@Hoosier_Huddle)

Earlier this week Hoosier Huddle reached out to friend and former IU player Joe Kremer to get his thoughts about the 2015 edition of the Old Oaken Bucket Game. Kremer played defensive tackle for the Hoosiers from 2003-2007. He started for three years. During his senior year Kremer made 26 total tackles, had 3.5 sacks and 4.5 tackles for a loss. Currently, Kremer lives in San Diego with his fiancee Maggie Hannon. He teaches physical education at St. Augustine High School where he also serves as the school's defensive coordinator. They are ranked 20th in the state of California and, at the time of the interview, were playing in the semi-finals. 

1. Obviously, IU needs no extra motivation to get up for Purdue, but how much more meaning did the game have with a bowl on the line? 

It meant the world to us.  We hadn't beat them in 4 or 5 years.  We knew that if we wanted to accomplish our goal of playing in a bowl game we had to get that Bucket.  Beating Purdue was always something I wanted to do because I hate them.

2. What is the most difficult part about playing up at Ross-Ade stadium?

The most difficult thing about playing in that stadium are the fans.  They throw stuff at us during the game and constantly talk (smack).  I hate that place.  It is an inferior campus and stadium in my opinion.

 3. You guys went up there in 2006 needing a win for bowl eligibility and lost 28-19. Is there any advice you'd give these current Hoosiers about getting that sixth win up there?

I would tell the current Hoosiers to play like it was their last game as a football player.  I want them to understand how many former players and fans want to win this game every year.  Believe in the game plan that the coaches provide 100% and execute.  The only thing that matters is getting that Bucket.  Embrace being hated because the Boilers hate us just like we hate them.  It's a great college football atmosphere. 

4. What made Bucket Week different from other weeks? Obviously it's a rivalry week, but what changed at practice? In the locker room? Around campus?

We definitely watched a little more film throughout the week and the tempo and intensity of practice was intense.  Every Hoosier football player knew what the mission was and knew what was at stake.The seniors on that 07 team especially put in a lot of work and leadership throughout the week.  We were not going to be denied.

What was your favorite Bucket Game Memory?

My sack in the first half. (It) forced a field goal and we won by three.