2019 Indiana Football Fall Camp Report: August 13th

Image: Andrew Walker Hoosier Huddle

Image: Andrew Walker Hoosier Huddle

Written by Andrew Walker

In the midst of an overcast and dreary day, the Indiana Hoosiers were anything but. Energy was extremely high today and both sides of the ball excelled. The defense was as fast as they usually are, if not faster. The offense had their highlights and low points as well, partly due to OC Kalen DeBoer implementing some new plays into the offense. QBs and receivers were having a tough time trying to connect on a few new plays, most notably Mike Penix. He ended up overthrowing some passes on consecutive plays while Ramsey and Tuttle seemed to connect effectively. 


  • New plays put into the offense

  • Some were having difficulty connecting effectively

  • Energy was high

  • Overcast, cooler day made for more visibility and energy

Kalen DeBoer 

On some new plays being implemented, “I thought the first team was actually pretty good on our end. You know, we're still rotating guys in and, and so you know, it's depending on what you're trying to get out of the practice. We put in a new package today, things that guys really haven't executed before. And so we get another chance at the next practice to perfect it, and move on. So we're getting to that point.

Now, the next couple practices will be stuff that the guys really haven't done before. And so you know, I don't read into that too much. They’re just they're doing more thinking. But the practices up until today, and then phenomenal, and so couldn't be couldn't be happier. And in the end, really going to turn the ball over again today, you know, so that's number one thing and, and we still had some explosive plays. And you I know what we do well, and I can get us into those things. But we got to continue to expand the playbook. So there's come a point midway through the season where people have seen everything. And that's where we're at right now we're expanding the playbook and doing a few more things. And some of the stuff doesn't even match up well against what our defense does. But we got to put it in so that our guys can have can recall those schemes, those concepts. When we get to week three, week four, week five, whoever those concepts do match up, though, again. So ya know, we've had some great practices, the guys bring it every single day.”

On not causing unnecessary wear and tear on some veterans, ‘You know, when we have a new concept like today, we had a couple just formational things and stuff like that, that we're trying to introduce. You know, we get our guys out there, Nick Westbrook and, and Fry, You know, Fryfogle and and they get their reps at it. And then once we feel they got it down, we give the younger guys you know, the shots, doing the same thing. So we're super careful.

Do a great job of tracking every rep. We're super happy, I think on both sides of the ball with you know, not overdoing it with guys. I think we're right where we want to be that way to where we're not wearing and tearing and getting guys hurt. So you know, it's been it's been super positive that way. So like a guy like Stevie to answer your question. Yeah, he takes the reps and we gave him a couple looks at the new plays that we were doing and and then get him out of there and get some other guys who are competing for some other spots on the depth chart, you know, an opportunity to compete there too.”

On QB’s, “Really good, really good. I don't have a decision yet so but really good and are all growing. And I am putting them in spots right now. Today's a great example. I put them in so many spots where they had to process and, you know, I'm just I'm just push them push them pushing them, because I know I can always control things with the play calls. But I'm pushing them to see how far you know and what they're capable of doing, whether it's checking into something or checking out of something that looks really bad. So that's the key is just making sure we limit the bad place. Well, good moving forward. And when we're in favorable down distances, I think we're going to be pretty good.”

On the scrimmage, “the scrimmage was really good. Probably the only negative I really felt we had was we had some penalties with the ones and the twos each had a couple penalties. I think we had four penalties. And it was it was good to have the officials there. Just because then we can see, you know, the results of what happens when you have major penalties, you know, and so as far as just our normal procedure, I think it was good for me I was up in the box for the first time, and just the communication and all that and the guys handled it really well. But the scrimmage was great from a you know, we got a lot of things out of it from communication too, you know, just execution of the concepts and the plays was good, no turnovers so it was good.”

On some of the inconsistencies in practice, “Absolutely. Yeah, you know, there was probably two balls that I thought we should have had that we've run plays You know, we've run those since day two or day three we missed a couple of kind of disappointing that but it was also different guys working with different people on those two as well now I think about it but yeah, there were some new the timing and you can see the receivers were a little hesitant and the packages that we put in today. I love it and it's gonna be good. And once we start executing it fast, you know, then all that will start gelling and we were focusing on a couple different things on the concepts as well. So yeah, I'm not reading into it we need to get better we'll do the same stuff tomorrow or Thursday and Friday. We'll work on the same concepts and get them down we've done a lot of the guys did a great job this summer repping things and we're really good because of that and I think we were close to 70% in the in the in the scrimmage you know with some pretty good explosive play. So today with the percentage was down I don't know what it was, but we'll find out we track them all. But yeah, I think it would be less than what the standard has that we set.”

On some younger guys stepping up, “Well, we're throwing them in there. These first two weeks. Jordan Jakes and David Ellis you know, are in there a ton with the twos right now. Took a lot of reps today, which is part of you know, I mean, there's a missed assignment and now the quarterbacks got to make something out of nothing, you know, but doesn't have his normal guys out there. So then the quarterbacks are hesitant to make those adjustments because they're not sure if the young guy is going to pick up the the adjustment himself. So yeah, they're getting a lot of opportunities. Jordan Jakes and David Ellison particular freshmen, I think our linemen it's been kind of mostly the upperclassmen in the first two groups. But they're all coming along.”

On whether or not it’s actually harder to choose a starting QB, “Yeah, so no doubt because they both played really well. And, you know, and now I'm just trying to get and push them to see what they can do and, and, you know, who's who's willing to kind of put the team on their back but they all three played really well. I mean, there were some great balls by all three of them for sure. And good leadership too.

On whether or not he’s made any starting decisions for non-QBs, “Well, we took reps with a few of the guys you know, they all three like today, you saw some guys taking reps with the threes and the ones I mean, I'm still moving around, but some of that stuff is starting to happen. We're starting to try to weed it out, but nothing's been decided yet. So you know how close you are? No, I don't I don't I don't. It's the guys are doing a good job and, and I've told him that I said you guys doing a great job and just competing and their attitude has been awesome about the whole thing.”

Peyton Ramsey

On how the QB’s are doing with new material, “Yeah, I think it's, you know, he led the building blocks in the spring. So, you know, as he continues to throw new stuff at us, I think he's done a good job of laying a foundation for what we're doing, and just building off certain formations and building off certain concepts, you know, maybe align a little bit different. So, while it is different, there's a lot of similarities. And there's a lot of, you know, baseline knowledge that we already have. And I think the three of us are all done a really good job of picking it up and applying it during during team sessions.”

On his overall confidence and how he thinks he’s done, “Yeah, I've been good. You know, continuing to progress every single day, I think I've been consistent stacking good days on top of good days. And you know, having a having a want to know mindset like coach DeBoer talks about whether it be a new player, new practice just approaching it, like, I'm like, I'm going to go dominate the next play, and not worry about anything else. So, so far, I've been good. I've been consistent. And and I'm happy with where I'm at.”

Oh how he understands what are miscues and what is just getting used to new material, “Yeah, it's tough sometimes. And today, if you're out there, you kind of saw it, that the defense kind of had our number, we were just working on some certain things, you know, trying to get better at certain things that, you know, maybe doesn't stack up well against our defense. But they're definitely things that we need to practice. And at the same time, it's competitive. And we want to score and we want to get first downs and big plays on every single drive. So it's important just to go back and watch the film and learn from the minor mistakes. While while we're out there just trying to make big plays.”

On Sunday’s scrimmage, “I think we all played well, I think the three of us went out there and competed. You know, we gave our playmakers an opportunity to make big plays. And you know, at the end of the day, we just had fun. We all competed. And it was a good day for the three of us for our room for sure.”

On opportunities for the deep shots down the field, “Yeah, it's been good Coach DeBoer puts us in a lot of good situations, good alignments, and allows us to take our shots when when they're there. And like I said, the three of us on Sunday we were all hitting em. And that's kind of been a constant theme throughout. Throughout fall camp, we've all been really consistent, we've all been playing really well. So very excited about Coach DeBoer's offense.”

On how he prepares when he’s not taking reps and if he watches the other guys, “I mean, it's kind of something that I've always done, you know, not necessarily watching and integrating them but watching the entire team and trying to be a leader out there helping young guys, you know, new freshman running back through freshman receivers, O lineman, so it's not necessarily you know, watching the other guys my position group, it's just watching the entire offense and trying to be the best leader that I can and help them this offense move along.”

On what he can do to become the starting QB of this team, “for this team. I think just consistency is is a really big thing. I think I've have proven that you know, I'm capable, I'm able, but at the same time, it's just you know, you gotta do it every single day. That's what big time quarterbacks do and continue to lead. Continue to bring teammates along and you know, just rise this rise our offense to to a level that we you know, that we know we can play at. So just continue to do that every single day.”

Mike Penix

On how much new stuff there was in practice, “We all came out there focused know we all came out prepared we studied it in a film room this morning so we come out of execute you know sometimes they didn't go as planned because maybe the defense gave us a look that we weren't expecting you know, we got to work on it every single day because maybe we might get a different team we play it to work successfully so we just stay focused and make sure that we just execute it to the best of our abilities.”

On how much of a progression he’s made since last fall, “Oh it's been a huge progression you know cuz you know especially with the O Line you need blocking, make sure it's the right protection all the time or you're going to get hit so that's one thing he stress on us a lot you know we can make play happen if we're getting sacked so as one thing we always focus on in the meeting room all three of us we push each other to make sure that we're great at that spot.”

On how he thinks he’s been doing in camp, “I feel like it has been going real good, I've been consistent you know just helping lead the team make sure we always in good situations you know don't make a bad situation worse you know every single day I'm just working my working my tail off to make sure that everyone is on the same page and that we stay consistent.”

On whether he has any residual pain with the knee, “No I play without even worried about it and I'm 100% now ready to go full go.”

On what he’s improved on since last year, “A lot better leading vocally you know I become a more vocal leader pushing the team every single day to come out compete do their best and you know just give it all up for the team.”

On how comfortable he is with being a vocal leader, “Very comfortable. That comes with you know some experience from last year I got to play you know that comes with me and every single day you know working together well we have offensive meetings and so we're all on each other make sure we're pushing each other to be the best offense in the Big Ten and in the country.”

On whether or not this QB competition has improved his vocal leadership skills, “Always you know, football is a competitive sport. You know, it's always everything is around competition. You know, just being a vocal leader. That's just one. That's the thing that you need on your team. Every single team you need a vocal leader. You don't have that then, You can't just always depend on the coaches to step up. You need each other. You need to push each other to do better every single day.”

On what he can do to win the starting QB job, “Just focus on my game, you know, just continue to work hard, do what's best for the team.”

Jack Tuttle

On how camp has been going, “it's, it's been going really well. You know, I think the team continually is coming together. I love this team and my brother. So I think he's gone really well. So far more improving, for sure.”

On what he’d like to improve and what he’s gotten better at, “I've been extremely happy with my growth. My football IQ. I feel like I had a pretty good football IQ coming in. But it's grown even more so. And I've been extremely happy with that. Second part is anything that you've been that you wish you had been, you'd be doing better so far? Not necessarily. I wish I was doing better. But I'm just continually improving in all areas of my game and just continually being consistent.”

On what’s been the most difficult part of the competition, “I wouldn't say there's been anything difficult. We're all just busting our tails and trying to help this team win. It's just, it's competition, it's all it is, it makes everyone better.”

On the difference from spring until now in terms of progression, “I think from spring to now the offenses grown percentage wise, I can just say, it's much more smooth, guys are much more comfortable. Now we're getting into, like the 400 level course, instead of we're just kind of we're at the general idea an hour and two more of the complex ideas getting into Okay, here's what we're going to do in this situation on this way. It's just more complex now. And, and, and that's good. It's going really well.”

On some of the new plays being implemented, “Today, we did have some new stuff in installation days are always extremely fun. I love it, we get the chance to take these plays from the QB room onto the field and get better and grow.”

On a missed play in practice, “Yes, you know, we're hit and miss as a team, you know, I could do I could do a better job on that play and, and so can my boy, but we're in it together.”

On dealing with defensive matchup issues in some offensive plays, “Yeah, that makes sense. Our defense some some concepts don't match up against our defense. You're right. But I think that helps us grow in the areas of walking up to the line, we can check out of it. Or we can check. Maybe just the rout concept, we can check into something better. Or we can leave it on and make the best of the situation, maybe back shoulder throw, maybe throw it away. It's really just making plays sometimes. Well, I don't know if you guys were here for the scrimmage, what practice you guys are here for but that's happened several times. And I'm proud of us in those situations.”

On the scrimmage, “In the scrimmage I thought I did pretty well always room for improvement though, always room to grow.”

On the transition to a new team, “When I came in here in January, you know it's always tough adjusting sometimes to a new environment and new team. But over the past couple months, I really become fond of this team. They love me up I've loved them up my brothers my best friends now I love them.”

On his friendship with the other QBs, “We have a very high respect for each other. Those two belie it or not those two of my buddies are my friends but when we get on the field it's competition doesn't mean we need to be scratching and clawing and each other. We're making each other better and we want to make this team better and win.”

On if having a new OC puts him on a more level playing field than someone who’s been here for longer, “Here and there. I believe. You know, they've been here a little bit longer so they know the environment. You know the guys a little more stuff it all plays in but in the end it doesn't really matter. It's just just about working hard for your team to be doing the best you can and and competing.”