Instant Reaction: Indiana vs. Navy

 Kevin Wilson's squad looked overwhelmed by the option from Navy all night Saturday in a crushing 41-35 loss.

Kevin Wilson's squad looked overwhelmed by the option from Navy all night Saturday in a crushing 41-35 loss.

Written By Sammy Jacobs (@sammyj108

The season is over! The Hoosiers blew their shot at a bowl game! Kevin Wilson and all the defensive coaches should be on the hot seat! Yes, this is the Chicken Little reaction that I and most Hoosier fans have tonight as we head out to forget a dismal 41-35 loss to Navy.  Yes, I know the season is not over but this loss dealt a serious blow to the Hoosier bowl hopes.  Just when you think IU is about to take the next step they take two giant steps back. 

First of all I need to point out the fact that Indiana AD Fred Glass is a clown.  He is more concerned with putting in flag poles and flying Elvis in at halftime.  The bottom line is that unless Indiana can consistently win there is no reason for fans to be excited for games at The Rock.  So enough with the shenanigans and take that money that is spent on "enhancing the game day experience" and put it toward quality defensive assistant coaches.  By the way how were the free hot dogs tonight guys?  Ok, enough on Glass and no to the real disappointment.  

All summer long we have heard at how prepared this team was going to be for the Navy game this year.  Well, the Hoosiers looked about as prepared for this game as a frat guy is for a test during Little 5 week.  The defense looked shocked that Navy was actually running the triple option.   The Hoosiers only stop on defense was when Navy missed a field goal, and give credit to Navy they played a heck of a game, but not a single big stop on defense is atrocious.  I thought the game would play out differently, I though IU was over this lackluster effort, I thought the Hoosiers would look like a team who prepared to win, not a team who just showed up and thought that the effort they put forth early would win the game.  We were supposed to be passed these types of things.  Not this year, not in year three under Kevin Wilson.  The defense is not the only ones to blame either, the offense got off to a brutal start as well.

The Hoosiers were coming off a record setting performance, yet they decided to go to QB Tre Roberson who was unsuccessful on the first two drives going three and out on the first drive and turned the ball over on downs on the second.  The killer play of this game was Nate Sudfeld's inexcusable interception in the red zone that would have given the Hoosiers a shot at getting back in the game.  The Hoosier offense overall performed well under Sudfeld, he should be the clear starter next week by the way, but could not overcome the 17-0 hole the team put itself in.  

Finally the coaching was horrible.  Kevin Wilson gambled and lost way too early in going for it on 4th down at his OWN 38-yard line and getting stuffed.  Why Tre Roberson started the game is beyond me after the game Sudfeld had against Indiana State.  One cannot blame Wilson for all of the defensive letdowns, but as the head coach of a Big Ten program you have to make sure your whole team is prepared to go into a game. 

Yes, I know this is kind of a rant.  I get that it is not what you want to hear right now, but it is how I feel after this game, but the sun will come up tomorrow and the season is not over, but the Hoosiers must turn the page and move on to the next one before the losses pile up and the fan support disappears.  Fred Glass can bring in strippers to pose as cheerleaders for all I care, but the only way to change the culture in Bloomington about this program is to win games like the one tonight and not look like a team coached by a bunch of frat brothers during Little 500.

Goodnight Hoosier Nation! As always Go Hoosiers and comments are always welcome.  Misery loves company, don't be shy.